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Milestone's network of- multidisciplinary expert associates allows us to COLLABORATE with clients and partners.

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Dr. David Mould is an experienced hydrologist and water resources practitioner with wide skills set developed in research, consultancy and operational environments. He specialises in wetland management, surface water monitoring and modelling, and hydro-ecological interaction.

Dr David Mould

Non Technical Director


Claire has extensive experience in strategic procurement with a proven track record of delivery on projects providing significant financial benefits. She is responsible for the non-technical aspects of the business.

Claire Humphreys



Penny has managed large scale site surveys, delivery of technical reporting for nationally significant infrastructure projects, supported on strategic water resources modelling and wider technical hydrological advice.

Penny Hearn

Trusted Partner: Peat


Laura is an environmental scientist specialising in peatlands (restoration and monitoring) and wetland ecohydrology. She has provided key input into the development of England's national guidance on Blanket Bog Land Management and the State of Peat classification

Laura King

Trusted Partner: Botany and Ecology


Pete is an experienced field botanist with a particular interest in restoration ecology. He is currently completing the third Plant Atlas of Britain and Ireland on behalf of the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland (BSBI)

Pete Stroh

Trusted Partner: Hydrogeology


Rob is a recognised expert on the ecohydrology of wetlands, including peatlands and groundwater-dependent fens. Rob operates Rigare Ltd. and is an established Milestone partner. He designs wetland installation and operation of monitoring schemes.

Rob Low

Trusted Partner: Wetland Ecology

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Jonathan is a very experienced botanist, bryologist and all-round ecologist. He specialises in freshwater ecology including water chemistry, springs and tufa formation. He has experience of ecological surveys, site monitoring, vegetation management/restoration and bryophyte surveys.

Jonathan Graham

Trusted Partner: Drainage and Flood Risk


Stewart is a drainage and flood risk engineer skilled in the production of technical and planning reports, to include Flood Risk Assessments, Foul and Surface Water Drainage design (SuDS). He has represented clients as an expert witness for planning appeals and public consultations.

Stewart Smith