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Davidstow Woods

Milestone Environmental undertook a hydro-ecological assessment for Forestry England. We established baseline conditions to understand site functioning in relation to an adjacent SAC, including water quality. This helped to facilitate recommendations for effective restoration measures.


Brecon Beacons

We reviewed peat restoration works and hydrological functioning of several upland peat sites.  Recommendations were made for further restoration measures.  We have also installed hydrological monitoring to monitor progress.  The client is the Bannau Brycheiniog National Park Authority. 


Thatcham Reedbeds

Managed by BBOWT, Thatcham Reedbeds is a mix of wetland habitat types, designated for the Desmoulin’s whorl snail (Vertigo moulinsiana). Milestone Environmental reviewed water level data and site management. We are assisting with the Water Level Management Plan.


Rivermead Nature Park

Milestone Environmental undertook a hydro-ecological, hydro-chemical and botanical assessment of this small but important alkaline fen for the BBOWT. Restoration works were recommended and delivered, including a topographic survey to assist with procuring the works.


Cothill Fen SAC

Milestone Environmental supported BBOWT and Natural England to understand the site hydrology and inform site management. We delivered the project by developing an effective water level monitoring network including dipwells, logging instruments and topographic surveys.


Lower Moors SSSI

Milestone Environmental installed a wetland hydrological monitoring network and conducted water quality analysis, botanical and topographical surveys. Working with the Council of the Isles of Scilly and IoSWT, we quantified the site dynamics and developed a management plan. 


Lea Valley SSSI

Milestone Environmental undertook a hydro-ecological scoping study for the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority at two SSSI sites with very differing pressures. The work identified a number of required management changes and recommended further studies.


Steping Hill & Roughtor Marsh

Milestone Environmental supported Natural England to assess the hydro-ecology of these remote wetlands on Bodmin Moor. Surface hydrology, hydrogeology, botany and bryophyte surveys facilitated future restoration projects.


Higher Moors SSSI

Milestone Environmental supported the Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust to understand the mechanics of this coastal wetland providing botanical, topographic and water quality surveys. Wetland hydrology training enabled IoSWT to install monitoring for increased efficiency.


Spartum Fen SSSI

Milestone Environmental are assisting the Freshwater Habitats Trust to understand the hydrological functioning of this SSSI site, including installation of wetland hydrological monitoring.


Bolton Fell Moss

Milestone Environmental are working with Natural England to review the requirement for hydrological monitoring, following the completion of a major phase of restoration over the last decade.  


Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project

Milestone Environmental are supporting Friends of the Earth to understand the impact on designated sites from planning submissions for a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project. This included presenting the wetland hydrological impacts at a high profile Planning Enquiry. 

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